ADA Uniform 

ADA Uniform must be worn at all times. Having the correct uniform allows the dance teacher to focus on the students lines and positioning. Without correct uniform instructions cannot be given which could in turn lead to further complications. No jewellery is to be worn at any point and dancers hair must be tied back in a ballet bun using a donut and pins or French plait. If any of these points are not adhered to then dancers will be removed from lessons. 


For help on how to do a ballet bun please click here


Our Uniform policy can be viewed here-







ADA Dancewear items are to be purchased through Miss Aimee. All other items can be purchased at local dance shops. Please see prices below for ADA uniform.




ADA Kids Hoodie                                   £20.00

ADA Adult Hoodie                                 £27.00

ADA Boys Vest                                      £10.00

ADA Boys T-shirt                                  £10.00

ADA Kids Diamante Named Shorts        £13.00

ADA Bag                                               £28.00

ADA Tracksuit Jacket                             £27.00

ADA Tracksuit Trousers                         £25.00

ADA Cotton Jogging Bottoms               £25.00

ADA T-shirt                                          £17.00

ADA V Neck Fitted T-shirt                     £18.00

ADA Cold Shoulder Top                         £18.00

ADA Fitted Vest                                    £18.00

ADA Basketball Style Top                      £22.00

ADA Batwing Top                                 £18.00

ADA Polo Shirt                                     £20.00

ADA Capri Leggings                              £25.00

ADA Onesie                                          £36.00

ADA Beanie Hat                                    £6.00

ADA Face Mask                                     £5.50

ADA Lanyard                                        £3.00

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